Cyber Security and Data Protection require very specific knowledges and business expertise

People often ask me what a digital regulatory advisor is: a professional who knows how to fit european and national regulatory & security framework on products and services for business. I work on the implementation of regulatory and law constraints on business (GDPR, 196/2003, PSD2, Framework Directive 2018/1972, etc.) as well as on Information Security Systems (ISO 27K family, SOC, CyberEssential+, OSWAP). How to apply requirements imposed by the data protection law or measures to mitigate vulnerabilities is a complex activity, which requires regulatory and business skills so as to find effective and business-driven solutions. Well, that’s my job.

Cyber Security & Data Subject’s Rights compliance is a competitive investment which enhance brand reputation

Being able to transfer to customers your efforts to protect their rights at every stage of the business relation is no longer an option but a necessary investment for your competitveness.


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